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Italian, Non Traditional And More Father Daughter Wedding Songs For A Lifetime

Posted on September 13, 2010

A very special moment that happens at just about every wedding is when the bride dances with her dad to one of those touching father daughter wedding songs.  Usually following immediately after the bride and groom first dance, this moment seems to be very high in importance, which is why so many brides fear finding the best father daughter wedding songs to select from.  Here are some suggestions for songs and where to find the one song that will make this dance perfect.

A great place to begin your search is to look for popular father daughter wedding songs.  Many brides list their songs on blogs and wedding websites and this is an excellent source for you start with.  For years, the most popular wedding song for this event was Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle.  This is still an excellent choice, but it has also been used many, many times.  Other songs that people are growing tired of, especially wedding vendors like DJ's and wedding videographers are Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion and What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.  There's nothing wrong with using these tunes and they frequently can cause the mother of the bride outfits to be soaked with mom's tears of joy, but so many couples want something different.  If you are looking for more unique father daughter wedding songs, that is, songs that everyone hasn't heard a thousand times, then you'll need to dig deeper.  The best way to begin a search like this is to look at the different genres of music you love and choose from there.

father daughter wedding songs, unique father daughter wedding songs, Italian father daughter wedding songs, Spanish father daughter wedding songs, classic rock father daughter wedding songsBy genres I mean the categories of music, like big band and swing or vocal jazz.  Think The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra.  Father daughter wedding songs classic rock style work well, too, and the dad may appreciate this era of music much more since he has probably listened to the song many times.  For instance, the song Little Miss Magic by Jimmy Buffet is unique and falls into the classic rock category.  The song Have I Told You Lately by Van Morrison has excellent words and makes for an excellent choice.  This is actually a song Van Morrison wrote to God, which leads us into another genre where you can find a lot of great tunes, and that is christian father daughter wedding songs.  Many christian songs are about the Father God but there's no reason those lyrics can't translate for a father and her daughter.

Put wedding songs father daughter country together and you have some excellent selections to choose from! This is another untapped resource for slow songs with excellent lyrics.  So many of these songs have been written specifically for a daughter from a father or vice versa.  I Loved Her First by Heartland is an excellent example.  My Little Girl by Tim McGraw also represents a from father to daughter song.  Dad's Yard by Catie Curtis falls under the from daughter to father song, along with the classic Through The Years by Kenny Rogers.  So many selections can be found under the country umbrella that you should have no problems finding something.

You could consider looking at your ethnic heritage.  Finding Spanish father daughter wedding songs is getting easier as Latin artists become more popular.  one that stands out is De Niña A Mujer by Julio Iglesias.  The words are phenomenal.  You could also try Mi Niña Bonita by Lucho Barrios or Mi Viejo by Piero, both excellent choices.  Finding father daughter wedding songs in Spanish is easily done by searching iTunes or the web.  If you happen to be Italian, you can find many Italian father daughter wedding songs (See list below).  These don't have to be in the Italian language, but those, too, are available.  Artists like Mario Lanza and Jerry Vale are huge Italian wedding songs artists.

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Another unique situation is dancing with your step father.   There aren't a lot of specific step father daughter wedding songs, but a few stand out.  Stepfather of the Bride by Mike McLaughlin, You Don't Have To Let Go by Jessica Simpson and Josh Grobian's You Raise Me Up will all work well for this situation.  As you dance with your step father for your father daughter dance, all of your guests in the banquet hall won't be thinking about that fact, so you don't really need to concern yourself with acknowledging it--unless you truly want to.

If you happen to love many of these songs and can't decide, you can use them elsewhere.  Have your wedding videographer add the songs to a special video montage of you and your father.  Searching through father daughter wedding songs is not the same as going through tiaras or mother of the groom dresses. It is a special and significant song that will stay with you and your father forever.  Take your time and you will find the perfect father daughter wedding songs for you and your dad to choose from.

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Italian Father Daughter Wedding Songs:

*Piccolo Fiore

*Lauretta Miaa

Adagio (Italian)         Lara Fabian
Al Di La             Emilio Pericoli
Angelina-Zooma Zooma         Louis Prima
Arrivederci Roma         Jerry Vale
Arrivederci Roma         Mario Lanza
Besame Mucho             Dean Martin
Bunoa Sera             Lous Prima
Domani                 Julius Larosa
Forget Domani             Frank Sinatra
Fragile             Sting
I Have But One Heart         Al Martino
Il Mio Cuore Va         Sarah Brightman
Mala Femina             Connie Francis
Mama                 Connie Francis
Non Dimenticar             Jerry Vale
O Sole Mio             The Three Tenors
Oh Marie             Louis Prima
Pepino The Italian Mouse    Lou Monte
Pretend You Don't See Her    Jerry Vale
Quando Un Amore Se Ne Va    Albano & Romina Power
Santa Lucia             Luciano Pavarotti
Speak Softly Love         Al Martino
Summertime In Venice         Sergio Franchi
Surrender            Sarah Brightman
Tango Italiano             Connie Francis
Tarantella             Chuck Mangione
That's Amore             Dean Martin
The Godfather             Italian Violin
Ti Amo                 Umberto Tozzi
Volare                 Dean Martin

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  1. Such a great blog post – took me forever to find my songs.

    • Thank you, Amanda! I’m glad you found your songs and I KNOW it’s tough for many couples to do so. That’s why I made the Wedding Songs Timeline Planner! I just added online access to ALL the songs so you can listen to them…now that you don’t need them, of course! I hope your wedding was (or will be) AWESOME!!!

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