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Catering Liability Insurance Quotes And Cost For Your Truck, Van, Trailer, Or Entire Mobile Business

Posted on October 24, 2010


Should you worry about Catering Insurance?

Now, most of the information here at Weddings Everything Expert is geared toward couples planning the different parts of their event.  I've gone over how to set up your wedding speeches, how to choose the perfect bridal veil out of all the different styles of bridal veils available, and even went into some unique wedding ideas for your bridal gifts.  Now I want to start sharing information about the other side of the isle...the wedding professionals.

One of the biggest parts of a wedding celebration (and an entire section in your wedding organizer) is the food.  Caterers provide an invaluable service to a couple getting married, but there is always that chance of something negative happening to the guests or to a catering company employee. Professional catering companies need to have some kind of catering insurance to cover themselves and you for unforeseen issues.

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If you gotta call these guys, no one will insure you.


This is a story taken from the site Chef Talk in one of their forums:

catering insurance, catering liability insurance, wedding liability insurance, small business insurance quote, business insurance, public liability insurance online"I once worked for a restaurant with a chef/owner who wanted to launch into off-site catering. He had many very wealthy clients who were only too happy to have him cater parties in their homes. One of these prominent clients hired him for a Christmas party at his fabulous home. While chef was cooking in the kitchen, the service personnel (at the direction of the client) set up the hot food in chafers on his dining room table. Unknown to anyone but the client, the table was a french antique circa 1800 or so, valued at about $200,000. The wait staff lit some sterno pots to keep the food in the chafers warm and set them directly on the table, consequently burning a nice row of little round disks on the table top. The client sued, we all lost our jobs when chef/owner lost his restaurant, house and shirt in the settlement and wound up having to declare bankruptcy. A measly $400/year in liability insurance premiums would have saved the situation."

You may have some professional caterers debunk the above story, saying it isn't true, but that doesn't change the moral of the story:  Better safe than sorry, you can never be over-prepared, and, least of all, CYA!  Here are the areas that should be covered for your wedding day.

Basic Liability Insurance. 

Just like any basic wedding liability insurance, this will cover any personal injuries or problems arising from physical harm due to the catering company.  Catering liability insurance is a standard that needs to be in place. Ask to see their policy so you know that they are covered and compare wedding insurance coverage of the different catering companies you are considering.

catering insurance, catering liability insurance, wedding liability insurance, small business insurance quote, business insurance, public liability insurance onlineLiability Insurance For Product

If you are having an outside caterer come in with gas powered cooking gear, there is a chance of, well, an explosion!  The odds of this are incredibly low, but with other smaller appliances, see if they have this type of business insurance.  The last thing you want to hear is that their blenders broke down, they can't afford new ones, so no hummus for the hors d'oeuvres hour.  A professional DJ services company will have coverage for their speakers so a caterer should cover their cooking equipment.

Business Owner Insurance Coverage. 

Most companies will be covered for losses if they run into income issues or the bills start piling up. It would be awful if your catering company went out of business two weeks before your wedding.  If they have indemnity for loss of business, they will be able to cover your event as an emergency.  Enacting their insurance claims quickly will help them recover in time for your wedding.

Catering Vehicle Insurance.

Transporting their equipment and food to your banquet hall may or may not be an issue for you, but it's a big one for the catering company.  One accident can damage the vehicle beyond repair, destroy the equipment inside, and cause your food to become abstract art on the flooring.  if it happens on their way to your wedding, having coverage can open the doorway and financial river it will take to recoup the cost of providing their services.  You don't want your guests ending up in line at one of those local roach coaches!  Look for catering vendors that have insurance for their transportation.  They should have proof of catering truck insurance, catering van insurance, and even mobile catering trailer insurance.

catering insurance, catering liability insurance, wedding liability insurance, small business insurance quote, business insurance, public liability insurance onlineFinally, see that they have an HACCP Plan, which stands for Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points.  This will ensure that all your food has been handled correctly from kitchen to plate, including proper temperature controls and sanitary handling.  This is crucial for outdoor weddings, like beach weddings, or backyard receptions.  Sometimes heat can affect the food an outdoor wedding just like it affects the guests.  If you find a company you love, but they don't have the proper insurance, don't fire them just yet.  See if they will get a small business insurance quote for their business, or maybe for just one day, your wedding day.  They can find a lot of insurance companies providing cheap wedding insurance quotes for public liability insurance online.  Knowing your company has catering insurance is not only peace of mind, but a safety net for the unthinkable.

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