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The Great Bar Trivia Experience with OC Trivia

Posted on February 9, 2014

Author: Jayden Hall

Live Pub Trivia, Bar trivia, play triviaI recently played some bar trivia at my local bar – a great experience if you ask me, particularly because I am a huge fan of trivia in general. OC Trivia was the company that offered me this opportunity, and I played a few times over the past month and my team won almost every time!

I should talk about finding the right Orange County trivia company to consider driving to. Well, it took me about three months to find a night that wasn't the same boring trivia agenda.  After experiencing total disappointment at other bars with boring hosts who obviously don't care, located in my area. OC Trivia was an excellent company that offered everything I could possibly wish for – good logical questions and an entertaining experience. Pub trivia might seem overwhelming to some degree since there are many other people playing and the competition is heavy, but I think I did pretty well even though my teamates and I were not that experienced.

The best part was when I answered that there are only three heroes in Alexandre Dumas’ “The Three Musketeers”, totally forgetting about d’Artagnan. That was funny and very tricky if you ask me. However, I had a lot of fun, and I will definitely never forget the moment in which I said that Confucius was Latin, even though he was actually Chinese. Both questions seemed obvious – there are three musketeers, so there are three heroes; most philosophers were either Latin or Greek, so Confucius was like them.

The other questions seemed fairly easy – I mean, who does not know that Nikola Tesla was the one who has actually created the bulb? Most would answer “Thomas Edison”, but that is not true at all – at least, not if you are a little familiarized with them.

Anyway, OC Trivia had the best questions ever, they were engaging and very fascinating at the same time. It is great to learn new things just by playing bar trivia, and everyone seemed to be very engaged in this activity. They all seemed to love the intermission activities, where one team had to bring up an object or the quick quizzes done live on the microphone. I got up once and--gulp--I was nervous!  A great experience indeed, OC trivia covered all topics perfectly, with questions of different difficulty, so that well-educated persons wouldn't steal the game and those who wre more familiar with pop culture could stand out among others.

But on top of it all, OC Trivia ( was fun and entertaining for anyone of any level of knowledge – like those trivia shows we see on TV, only bigger, live and even better than I could actually imagine.

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One of the most important parts contributing to your wedding day being fun, involving, and entertaining is the disc jockey.  More than just “music” your DJ should be able to MC, lead your event’s pace, and keep it all flowing smoothly.  One item of concern is whether they are covered by disc jockey insurance.  A […]

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As your wedding guests walk into the reception hall, the first thing they will notice is the reception decorations.  They will look around the banquet hall, see all the different flower bouquets in the centerpieces, notice the wedding favors, and take not of the beauty of the scene.  Then they will wonder, “Okay, now what […]

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Getting your dress to fit perfectly means spending money on just for the bridal alterations.  Odds are, you won’t be able to pull a dress off of a rack and have it fit perfectly, nor can most of us afford to have one custom made.  Besides this basic hem, usually at the bottom, there are […]

Show Insurance Fills A Lot Of Gaps

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For those of you in the market for some kind of show insurance, take note.  You can find so many different types of shows that can be covered by some kind of indemnity, but since we are a wedding site, we will compare wedding insurance and relate the information to various types of wedding liability […]

New Wedding Photography Ideas

Posted on November 26, 2010

We have all seen those posed typical shots for bridal portraits and wedding photography, so what are some wedding photography ideas that haven’t been used to death?  You can always search for contemporary wedding photography ideas to get going.  If you are planning on hiring cheap wedding photographers, you might not get the creative input […]

The Best Wedding Photographer For Your Buck

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What every happy couple wants for their wedding is, of course, the best wedding photographer their money can buy–or that their budget can afford.  You will be spending a boatload of money on your banquet hall, wedding reception DJ, wedding dress, and even your save the dates magnets.  There are ways to find an amazing […]

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Wedding party insurance is not insurance for your wedding party, although you may feel you need it.  In truth, if you get a basic wedding cancellation insurance policy, everyone should be covered.  It all depends on what kind of wedding insurance you are looking for.  And it all depends on what particulars of your wedding […]

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Having a beach wedding is a dream of a lot of recently engaged couples.  The beauty of an ocean background, the simplicity of shoeless feet walking in the sand, and the warm light of a gorgeous sunset are all envisioned which is why the beach theme wedding is so popular and desired.  One main reason […]

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If you are planning to have a beach theme wedding, there are a lot of ways to make the wedding theme happen–and it can all be done even if you are not at the beach!  Just because you are not on a coast or the shore or a lake or a river does not mean […]

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If you are on to hiring your wedding reception DJ, you can read all my past articles about finding a professional DJ company and what kind of DJ services you should expect from a professional DJ service.  In the future, I will even discuss disc jockey insurance and why it is important that your entertainment […]

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Howdy!  Congrats on yer upcomin’ nuptials!  If yer hankerin’ for some western wedding invitations here are some ideas that’ll make you holler!  Okay, enough of that…seriously, having a western themed wedding is always a lot of fun.  To set the tone right away, you could start with western save the date photo magnets.   After […]

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Booking up your photographer at a reasonable price nowadays is practically impossible with where wedding photography prices are and especially if you are looking for higher end quality businesses.  The problem is, we all do not have that massive budget that some couples do, so we end up searching for cheap wedding photography.  the problems […]

Bridal Portraits That Rock!

Posted on November 23, 2010

The old school posed bridal portraits are no longer in fashion.  I’m sure you are saying, “Thank goodness!”  Couples are opting for the more contemporary wedding photography style, looking to get away from the old traditions, desiring the more photo journalistic approaches to their wedding pictures.  We are all searching for that one bridal portrait […]

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